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Today's healthcare providers are tasked to use evidence-based technologies to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes. Innovative technologies, such as tPEMF, can help clinicians improve
clinical outcomes and increase patient compliance while reducing costs.


SofPulse tPEMF technology is supported by extensive clinical research
to demonstrate that our products can address all of those needs.


Benefits of tPEMF 

  • Reduces pain and swelling; speeds healing

  • Drug-free and non-invasive; zero risk of addiction

  • No known side effects in millions of treatments

  • Reduces treatment costs

  • Can be used manually or in pre-programmed mode that delivers therapy automatically

  • Can be safely used as an adjunct with other treatments 

  • Provides treatment through dressings, casts and clothing

  • Allows patient to remain mobile and still receive treatment as scheduled

Regulatory Approvals and Industry Guidelines

Regulatory Approvals

  • FDA Cleared for treating post-operative pain and edema in soft tissue

  • CE mark for the treatment of pain, wounds and edema (Class 2a)

  • CMS national coverage determination for PEMF for chronic wounds

NPUAP and EPUAP (2016 Guidelines)

  • Consider the use of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) treatment for recalcitrant Category/Stage II pressure injuries as well as any Category/ /Stage III and IV pressure injury

  • Rated as comparable to NPWT (in relation to clinical evidence)

  • The body does not respond to the tPEMF signal unless there is inflamed tissue so there is no danger of overdose

  • American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons endorses use of tPEMF (2001) 

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