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targeted Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (tPEMF)

SofPulse targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF)  transmits gentle pulses to the tissue causing a positive biological effect to help reduce swelling and speed up the natural recovery process. The low levels of electromagnetic fields are completely safe and in fact, are 1000 times lower than those emitted by a mobile phone. 

Image of the SofPule Device

SofPulse Features:​

  • 7 1/2" applicator is lightweight, wearable

  • Battery operated, disposable

  • 100 treatments

  • Can be used manually or in pre-programmed mode that delivers therapy automatically

    • Pre-programmed mode delivers 15 minutes of therapy every two hours​

  • Provides treatment through dressings, casts and clothes 

  • Allows patient to remain mobile and still receive treatment as scheduled
  • Can be easily integrated into any clinical protocol 

    • Pain management

    • Wound care

    • Post-op


About The Healing Process


When the body is injured, whether a cut/scrape or a surgical procedure, signals are released from the injured tissues that tell the body to begin the healing process. Inflammation is the first and most uncomfortable phase of the healing process. In this phase, the small vessels that carry blood throughout the body enlarge to allow blood and infection-fighting white blood cells to easily pass through the vessel walls and enter the surrounding tissues. Although painful, this is a very important part of the healing process. 

In the next phase of healing (proliferation), oxygen that is carried to the injured tissues promotes the growth of new blood vessels and cellular-level tissues. The final phase of healing is completed with the development of new collagen and tissue/skin regrowth (remodeling).

Photo of a Couple Running

Why SofPulse?

Treatment with SofPulse allows you to better manage pain without the adverse side effects of narcotics and anti-inflammatory medication. SofPulse reduces edema, the resulting pain level and thereby decreases the requirement for medication. With less pain and less medication, you can move around sooner, which stimulates the body’s natural response to healing. 

SofPulse Decreases Pain

Patients who use SofPulse therapy report half as much post-procedure discomfort as patients who do not use the therapy.

SofPulse Reduces Swelling

SofPulse enhances the release of the signaling molecule nitric oxide, which is involved in the anti-inflammatory process and therefore helps to reduce pain.

SofPulse Reduces the Need for Prescription Medications

Because patients experience far less pain when using SofPulse, they also require far less prescription medications. Studies have shown a greater than 2.2-fold reduction in narcotic use over the first 48 hours post-procedure.

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