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SofPulse tPEMF therapy reduces swelling and pain related to a variety of healthcare conditions. Whether you are trying to heal from surgery, have a difficult to heal wound or even osteoarthritis, SofPulse can help.

  • Decreases Your Pain

  • Reduces Your Swelling

  • Less Use of and Reliance on Medications

  • Easy to Use

  • Automated Dosing

  • Painless and Non-Invasive

  • Non-narcotic, No Side Effects

Patient Information

Simple. Non-Invasive. Safe.

The SofPulse tPEMF therapy device is available by prescription only. When your physician prescribes SofPulse they will place and activate the device and explain what you need to do to ensure proper therapy is achieved. SofPulse can be used over clothing, surgical dressings or a cast, but it should be removed before bathing or showering. Your physician will determine the length of time you should use the device as it can vary depending on your specific condition.

Our tPEMF devices has two modes for use: pre-programmed or manual. In the pre-programmed mode the device is placed where it is needed and it will automatically turn off and on to provide therapy. This means that you are getting just the right amount of therapy your body needs without any of the worry.

Unlike narcotic painkillers and prescription anti-inflammatory medications which can result in vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, bleeding of the stomach, severe drowsiness, constipation and many other adverse side effects, SofPulse has no know side effects.

Unlike prescription drugs or narcotic painkillers, no side effects have been reported in millions of applications of the Endonovo SolfPulse
tPEMF therapy. 

How SofPulse tPEMF Technology Works


When the body is injured, whether a cut/scrape or a surgical procedure, signals are released from the injured tissues that tell the body to begin the healing process. Inflammation is the first and most uncomfortable phase of the healing process. In this phase, the small vessels that carry blood throughout the body enlarge to allow blood and infection-fighting white blood cells to easily pass through the vessel walls and enter the surrounding tissues. Although painful, this is a very important part of the healing process. 

tPEMF helps to accelerate healing by emitting targeted pulses to the wounded area to enhance the body's natural healing process. The pulses emitted by our tPEMF products are 1,000 times LESS power than your mobile phone!

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Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel anything during my SofPulse treatment?

The Endonovo tPEMF products can markedly increase blood flow and tissue oxygenation, which improves the overall tissue health and reduces pain associated with lack of sufficient oxygen. We often hear reports from clinicians that their patients relax as soon as they start their treatments with the tPEMF. With the many healing benefits that the tPEMF offers, this is not surprising.

How do I use the SofPulse tPEMF?

It is always best to refer to our Clinical Use Guide or Patient Use Guide before beginning treatment. SofPulse can be used through clothing, dressings and casts. It is recommended that the device be removed before showering/bathing.

Treatment will vary by injury, seriousness of the injury and whether the device is being used for condition is chronic or degenerative conditions. Treatments are 15 minutes and the number of times per day will vary by condition.

In general, we recommend that you start with a loading dose of two to four 15-minute treatments per day for acute and chronic or degenerative conditions.

For acute conditions (such as post-surgical treatment or recovery from a trauma), we recommend that you continue two to four treatments per day for the first week or so and then taper off for the next seven to 10 days or until the condition is fully healed.

For chronic or degenerative conditions, we recommend that you continue with two to four treatments per day for two to four weeks and monitor the patient until you see improved mobility and less pain response. Again, you can taper down to one or two treatments per day or even one to three treatments per week.

Ultimately, you want to consider that the SofPulse is catalyzing the anti-inflammatory cascade as well as accelerating the body’s own healing properties. We rely on physicians to assess the patient and to work with the pet owner on the best treatment protocols for each case.

How soon will I see results?

For acute inflammation, you should see noticeable relief after the first or second treatment. With chronic or degenerative issues, you may not see notable results for two to four weeks. Treatments should be continued as recommended for long-term healing.

How do I get the tPEMF?

tPEMF is prescribed by prescription only. There are two ways to purchase the SofPulse tPEMF: 1) get one from your physician, or 2) purchase one direct from Endonovo with a prescription from your physician.

Why do I need to talk to a physician to get a SofPulse tPEMF device?

Physicians can determine the severity of an issue and are generally able to pinpoint the specific area in the body that needs treatment. They work with the patient directly and advise them on the most effective treatment plans. Often the SofPulse is a part of an integrated multi-modality treatment plan. Patients benefit from visiting their physicians on a regular basis, getting assessments on their progress and up-to-date advice on continued treatment with the SofPulse device.

Why can't I replace or recharge the tPEMF's battery?

There is a medical and a regulatory basis for the tPEMF products sealed case. As a condition for clearing the tPEMF as a medical device, the FDA required that it be able to deliver its patented, therapeutic waveform consistently over its entire design life of the product. Sealing all operating components inside the case—the applicator connections to the circuit board, signal generator, microprocessor, power supply and the battery—provided the FDA with the required assurance of signal integrity. Breaking the case seal for any reason renders the device non-compliant with the conditions of its 510(k) clearance.