Endonovo's tPEMF products provide a solution that will improve patient outcomes and provide operational and financial benefits to the healthcare providers. SofPulse facilitates the natural recovery process with improved outcomes and reduced cost.​

A survey conducted by the American Hospital Association reports that seven out of
10 hospitals have seen a decline in their financial health over recent years. Demand
and hospital expense is increasing but reimbursement is declining and there are fewer
donations/investments being made. In order for a hospital to maintain viability, they must
focus on improving patient care while reducing operating expenses.


Management of pain is a central issue in the delivery of high quality patient care.
Intravenous patient-controlled analgesia (IV PCA) with opioids is common; however
it carries significant risks and costs. The cost of IV PCA errors was $388 million in 2004
(Meissner, Nelson & Hicks, 2009).


A product that allows for accelerated post-surgical recovery and a decrease in post-op pain and narcotic use may reduce the risk of these IV PCA errors and may also reduce hospital length of stay and save the hospital an average of $1,000/day.
(Taheri et al, 2000; Rothbert et al, 2005; Whelan, 2010)

Other areas of savings include:


  • Decreases costs associated with wound care - 60% reduction (Luu, et al, 2008)

  • Decreased NPWT costs $150,000 annually and accelerated wound healing 33% over four years, 2000 patients (Hall, 2006)

  • Accelerates discharges in post-surgical patients: decreased post-surgical hospitalizations by 1-3 days (Strauch, et al, 2009)

  • Reduces post-op pain (57%+) and narcotic use (2.2 fold), reduced wound exudate 275% (Rhode, et al, 2009)

  • Could potentially lead to lower morbidity, enhanced surgical healing, shorter hospital stays, increased productivity, and a reduction in the cost of health care. (Rhode, et al, 2015)


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